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About the Faculty

Virginia Tech’s Faculty of Health Sciences seeks to strengthen health sciences research and education collaborations across the university’s colleges and research institutes and with partner institutions.

“With the Faculty of Health Sciences as a catalyst, the university will be able to be more nimble in responding to the world’s evolving biomedical and health sciences landscape,” said Michael Friedlander, vice president for health sciences and technology at Virginia Tech, in launching the program in November 2013. “We’re hoping to build creative and adaptive biomedical and health research teams that work seamlessly across disciplines to discover solutions to state, national, and international challenges in health.”

The Faculty of Health Sciences also serves as the academic home for Virginia Tech’s Translational Biology, Medicine, and Health program, the TBMH program involves faculty members in eight colleges and six institutes and centers. The TBMH program, which enrolled its first PhD class in the fall of 2014, has six focus areas: cancer; tissue engineering and reparative medicine; public health and implementation sciences; immunity and infectious disease; metabolic and cardiovascular science; and neuroscience.

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Virginia Tech's Faculty of Health Sciences includes approximately 250 members from a range of disciplines across many colleges and institutes.